DrumKid is a lo-fi aleatoric drum machine. You can buy it (either fully assembled or as a kit) using the buttons below:

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It generates rhythms using random numbers. This tutorial video shows how it works:


  • Battery powered (3xAA) (or optional USB mini cable)
  • 3.5mm audio output (headphones/aux)
  • MIDI clock/CC input
  • MIDI note/clock output
  • 16 adjustable parameters
  • Tap tempo
  • 36 save slots
  • Open source design with editable firmware
  • Hackable case and circuit board, designed for customisation


You can download the latest DrumKid manual below:
DrumKid manual


Please see the manual for details on how to update your firmware to the latest version.

Using your own samples

You can upload your own samples to DrumKid using this online tool:

Frequency asked questions

Can I use DrumKid to trigger a Nord Drum (or any other device) directly?
Yes, DrumKid allows you set the MIDI output note and channel for each of the five drum channels so you can tailor these settings for any device.

Can I load my own samples?
Yes! See above.

What cables do I need?
DrumKid’s audio output jack is 3.5mm stereo (although the output is actually mono). A stereo 3.5mm cable is recommended, but newer versions of DrumKid (V8 onwards) should work fine with a mono cable. You will also need a USB cable (USB A to mini-B) if you want to run DrumKid without batteries, or if you want to edit/update the firmware, and 5-pin DIN MIDI cables or converters to connect DrumKid to other gear via MIDI.